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We offer rates from different
companies and look for multiple
discounts that may be available to
you. We can get even bigger savings
for you with these discounts.  We
can help you with both your personal
and business vehicles.

Home Owners, Condo Unit Owners
& Renters:

The standard policy covers several
perils that include fire, insurance,
burst pipes, theft and vandalism.  
The standard policy also covers
liability, building and contents.  But
no policy covers all perils and there
are limits to coverage of contents
under the standard insurance policy.  
We discuss your needs with you and
with endorsements can include many
of additional coverages in your policy.

Small Business:

Commonly referred to Business
Owners Policy or BOP.   This is a
special type of policy that is designed
for small and medium sized
businesses.  Both general liability
insurance and property insurance is
included in this policy.  By bundling
both general liability insurance and
property insurance this policy
typically offers reduced premium and
is much more cost effective than if
the two policies were purchased